Our process

  • Create an order on our website
  • Ship your product to us
  • We quickly create the content you need
  • Start selling your products

6 Easy steps


First Step: Place Your order

Simply choose the package for the number of products required to be photographed. There are several options given for you to select from. No payment is required from you during your process.

Second Step: Ship Your Pieces to us

Once you submit your order, you will then receive instructions as to where to ship your items. You will also find our address in the order form. Cautiously parcel up all the pieces you need to be photographed and ship them to us directly. It’s important to pay extraordinary thoughtfulness to the pieces you are packing, make sure all labels are straight and your pieces are in flawless condition.

Third Step: Confirmation of Receipt of Products

As soon as we receive your Product, we open the packages, inspecting them to make sure there has been no damage caused in transit. Once we have assured everything is in great condition, we then confirm their receipt. We will be in touch with you should we have any specific questions or should you have questions or concerns you would like for us to address.

Fourth Step: The Product Shoot

We will then photograph your pieces in our professional photo studio. Your photographs will be professionally shot by one of our product photographer experts.

Fifth Step: After The Shoot

Once the pieces are photographed, we move the images into our post-production process. They are then reviewed for quality, once quality is assured we move into the next phase. This next phase is the editing and retouching phase.

Sixth Step: Proof Your Order

After we have finished the editing we will send you an email with instructions explaining how to access our online proofing gallery. You will then be able to view all your product photos. It is here you will either approve your order, requests reshoots or request more touch ups. one revision, free of charge.

If for any reason you are still unhappy with the finished product, you will be given the option to cancel your order before any files are distributed to you. The only costs you would be responsible for would be for the return shipping.

The Final Step: Completion of the Order and Delivery of Files

Once you accept your order we will carefully pack up the pieces you shipped to us and ship them back to you using your UPS/Fedex account number or your pre-paid shipping label. To make things even easier, if you would prefer product photographer.us can arrange return shipping for you. We can do so, by merely billing your account for our cost.

We will then at this point process your payment process and collect your funds owed. As soon as your order is paid in full, we will email you instructions on how to download and access your files, if you opted to receive your images on a CD at the beginning of the process, we will mail you the CD (see extras).

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